Feeling Responsive Theme Changelog

Change is good!

History and changelog of Feeling Responsive Theme

2015-11-10 // Version 1.91
I added a nasty hack to highlight the homepage in the topbar navigation. To do it, you have to add homepage: true to your homepage. The pages 404 and search are now excluded from the sitemap.
2015-10-29 // Version 1.9
I needed a call for action button on the frontpage to get your awareness for the new and fresh Feeling Responsive-Newsletter which informs you about new features. Now you can use it, too. Just have a look into pages/pages-root-folder/index.md to delete or use it. Uh, there were some images missing and the video-template didn’t show up correct. I use now {{ layout.format }} to inject the class of a layout in default.html into <body> to make it work.
2015-10-27 // Version 1.8
Feeling Responsive works smoothly with Jekyll 3.0. I added a Gemfile with the pagination gem jekyll-paginate so that paginate works. And now there is also a bones-version available to get a clean project started right from the beginning.
2015-10-18 // Version 1.7
Now with audio- and video-player mediaelement.js. Added new gallery include. Changed names again… Sorry.
2015-08-07 // Version 1.5
Simplified includes syntax. The .html-ending is not needed anymore. Makes it simpler to read, write and use.
2015-08-07 // Version 1.4
Lots of improvements done by Róbert Papp aka TWiStErRob. Now with Atom.xml, better Sitemap, improved and slicker code, and many more bugfixes… Thank you, Róbert!
2015-06-29 // Version 1.3
Added the possibility of using tawk.to via front matter switch tawkto: true in front matter. Thank you Juan Jose Amor Iglesias for the suggestion.
2015-05-04 // Version 1.2.1
Added meta_title to <head>. Use it in frontmatter for SEO purposes.
2015-04-28 // Version 1.2
Put some nice Schema.org-Meta-Data into the video-template for better SEO. If you want to know how to use the data, have a look into the front matter of the video.
2015-03-30 // Version 1.2
Added alert-include and structured Sass-files.
2015-03-25 // Video
Made a new video tutorial
2015-03-02 // Version 1.1
Added Foundation Reveal to the mix to show videos and content in a popup window. Try it out right know :)
2015-02-26 // Version 1.0
OK. Let’s try it. Here is Feeling Responsive Version 1.0, with a shiny video.
2015-02-25 // Version 0.99.1
Added support for Google Analtics. Added _include/next-previous-post-in-category.html to generate links from one post in a category to another post in that same category. Example at the bottom of Grid & Colors. Added noindex-variable for search engine optimization (read more). Changed code for breadcrumb. Added Improve-Content-Include.
2015-02-19 // Version 0.99
Yes! Now Feeling Responsive uses the built-in sass-support by Jekyll. Open _sass and dig deeper into customizing this theme using your colors, typography and so on…
2015-02-18 // Version 0.98
Now with author-support and Schema.org microdata. Edit author(s) in authors.yml and use it via front matter like author: your_author_name. Added Disqus-comments to the mix.
2015-02-17 // Version 0.97
Simplicity. Reduced templates. Now there is one page/post-template with two switches via front matter to turn on metadata at the end of the page/post via show_meta: true/false and to add a left or right sidebar via sidebar: left/right. The defaults are declared in config.yml. I also changed the variable description to teaser because it’s more logigally.
2015-02-12 // Version 0.96
Added frontpage-layout with three widgets-areas. The layout simplifies the process to change content on the frontpage.
2015-02-09 // Version 0.95
Now with custom icon font using only entypo icons necessary. Eliminated one one request and reduced the font-file to 9kb. You can easily customize the font yourself using Font Custom and the included fontcustom.yml in assets/fonts/.
2015-01-12 // Version 0.94
Added Windows 8-Tile in config.yml and header.html. Added _config_dev.yml for easier local development. Use jekyll serve --config _config.yml,_config_dev.yml to overwrite url-settings of the main configuration. Added _data/network.yml to customize links in the footer-area. Now with 404-page and a google-powered search.
2014-12-22 // Version 0.93
Improved speed through the use of webfontloader. Reduced Volkhov font and only embedded normal weight. Now fonts load asynchronous and the package is 53kb lighter.
2014-12-21 // Version 0.92
A new polished version, with a stronger and better color scheme. Have a look ›. Added foundation .scss-files to assets/scss/ for savety.
2014-10-08 // Version 0.91
Moved images folder from assets/img/ to images to fasten access to folder. Moved all pages to pages/-folder for better organization. Added language-functionality. Feeling Responsive is now translation ready.
2014-09-21 // Version 0.9
Optimized code, tweaked CSS, added images, deleted header: "no" from front matter (because it not necessary), added drafts to the new _drafts-folder to begin posts and pages faster and enhanced the documentation. Huh, 1.0 I am coming.
2014-09-16 // Version 0.8
Added video post format for that cinematic flavor. Added URL- and Credit-feature to images and revamped the homepage a little bit to give blog-content more exposure. Optimized some includes, especially the _include/list-posts.html-Include which support some nifty parameters.
2014-09-15 // Version 0.7
Added an example of a gallery to show how to use Clearing Lightbox. Meta information is used in posts via /include/meta_information. To optimize pages/posts for search engines you have now have an extra front matter-variable called meta_description. Also the theme supports facebook open graph information.
2014-09-12 // Version 0.6
Finally the blogpage has pagination and an archive for all blog-posts using the foundation accordion.
2014-08-22 // Version 0.5
Better typograpyh, extended documentation and little subtle css-things to make Feeling Responsive a little better.
2014-08-17 // Version 0.4
First beta release of »Feeling Responsive« with the current jekyll templates.
2014-08-17 // Version 0.3
First release – only HTML-Version – of »Feeling Responsive« on Github-Pages with some hickups.
2014-07-26 // Version 0.2
Updated Navigation & Social Media-Configuration via custom data in _data
2014-07-07 // Version 0.1
Start of theme coding and development.
First Ideas and scribbles at the beach in Bergen/Netherlands.